Simply Goodness - A Story of Two Simply Words

Simply Goodness - A story of two simple words

Parents today face the constant pressure of balancing family commitments with a multitude of other demands. Train delays on the way home, the final email before bed, piles of dishes waiting to be washed and clothes waiting to be folded – all have to be contended with while still meeting their children’s needs. The steep learning curve for first time parents compounds these pressures and parents with multiple children always have their hands full.

The tough challenge for all time-poor mums and dads is to raise their children in the best way that they can while still attending to their work duties, household chores social events as well as catching up on much needed rest.

At Simply Goodness we know these pressures and we are here to make your life simpler with our mealtime solutions.

We recall the days when our parents cooked fresh produce in pots and simply brought the meal to us in a bowl with a spoon. This was real food that we could see, hold and eat with pleasure.

At Simply Goodness, we honour this valued tradition by producing the same homemade meals and packaging these for the convenience of modern-day parents.

Today we are very aware that our lifestyle choices as parents have an impact on our children - so we start their journey with organic cotton clothing and bedding, organic baby formulae and organic balms and shampoos. From the wholesome and fresh produce that Australia grows in abundance, Simply Goodness prepares and packages the meals that support your choice of lifestyle.

We understand the uncertainties and unknowns as parents that can cause confusion and even guilt. We are here to help, and to give you confidence and reassurance, making mealtimes simpler:

  • All our products are certified organic.
  • Our curated selection of suppliers source only the freshest certified organic produce, farmed across Australia - fruit and vegetables, grains, meats and poultry.
  • Our Early Toddler and Toddler Range have been formulated with our nutritionists.
  • We take food safety seriously, our facility is HACCP certified.
  • Our pouches are BPA free, and are approved by the USFDA.

To suit your everyday life we deliver straight to your door. We give you peace of mind and we give you time back to do the simple things - spending time with the kids in the garden, going to the gym, relaxing on the couch, or simply having an early night.

This is the inspiration for our brand name - Simply Goodness, because it's goodness, and only goodness, and we’re here to make your life simpler. We are Simply Goodness.