Limited Shelf Life Sale - 50% off our Semi-Textured Range. Building on combination of flavours and introducing texture using partially pureed ingredients.
AU $8.95
Apple & Banana Porridge (9+ months)
blueberry and pear porridge in a bowl
blueberry and pear porridge in 9 month range packaging
AU $8.95
Blueberry & Pear Porridge (9+ months)
AU $8.95
Beef & Vegetable Pasta (9+ months)
AU $8.95
Vegetable & Egg Congee (9+ months)
AU $8.95
Beef & Vegetable Barley (9+ months)
Building on the combination of flavours first introduced to your baby, our early toddler meals use ingredients from our toddler range but are prepared more simply with a partially pureed texture and small pieces. Making the transition easy, our early toddler meals prepare your child for the exciting range of foods to come. Meals for early toddlers are suitable for 9+ months.